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Museum Building Fund
We are asking for support to build a permanent facility in Washington D.C.








Museum Building Fund Donation

Historical Trust Overview
About the Collection
Museum Building Fund Donation

The Anglo German Historical Trust was founded in 2006 as is an independent 501(c) (3) organization that is not part of any government entity. The Historical Trust is asking for support to raise $2.5 million to build a permanent facility in Washington D.C. to display the collection.

The Museum Fund was established as a restricted gift fund. All donations dedicated to this fund will be used specifically for the creation and building of the Museum. Gifts in this category will be used for select purposes, such as; land acquisition, architectural design and construction, and exhibit design and construction.

There are many ways to donate. Below are just a few methods.

Donate Online Now - Museum Building Fund

We are now accepting donations online. By donating to the Museum Building Fund, you can be assured your tax deductible gift will be used exclusively for the development of the Museum.

You can donate easily and securely with your credit card from PayPal.

     Yes, I would like to support the Building Fund.
Donate an Artifact

We constantly seek new stories and artifacts to enable the history of this era to live on. Your contributions allow future generations to better appreciate the real stories of events that shaped heroes, their struggle and sacrifice. Help us build that legacy.

We are especially interested in "named items" that relate an individual with their experience in the Second World War in Europe. If you have artifacts to contribute, please contact us.

      Anglo German Historical Trust
      777 N Ashley Drive, Suite 1403
      Tampa, FL 33602

We are a publicly supported non-profit organization.
All donations are tax deductible.